Professional sports bettors tips

With the opening up of the gambling sector to competition in 2010, sports betting has grown significantly, so much so that many enthusiastic bettors now dream of making it their full-time job. Do you also want to try this adventure by creating your own micro-enterprise? Discover what you need to know about this activity as well as our advice on how to get started.

The job of sports bettor in a few words

The bettor’s job consists of betting on different sporting events to earn money. For a long time, betting has concerned horse racing, but it has gradually spread to other areas, such as soccer, tennis or basketball matches.

Unlike an amateur bettor who plays for fun and often according to his own convictions, the professional bettor leaves nothing to chance. Like a trader, he is a true expert and invests according to meticulously established statistics. To do this, he usually works from home, on his computer via online bookmakers.

Uncertain by nature, the income of sports bettors can be fluctuating. The significant risk-taking and the stress that accompanies it are parts of the job that should not be neglected.

If you become a professional bettor, you will have to accept working staggered hours, with the majority of sports events taking place on weekends.

What are the qualities needed to become a professional sports bettor?

There is no diploma to become a professional bettor, but it is essential to train by yourself to understand what influences the “market”. Often driven to analyze trends and statistics, the sports bettor must have a more or less pronounced taste for numbers and mathematical probabilities.

To flourish in this profession, it is also essential to be interested in sports and preferably in several disciplines. Without this, the professional bettor risks losing his motivation little by little.

If you want to become a sports bettor, you must also be able to show detachment and hindsight. Indeed, even a good bettor does not win every time and it is essential to have a strong mind to face when the results are bad. Beware if not of the emotional roller coaster as well as the fatigue and stress that comes with it.

Finally, you will need to be patient. As with any new business, you won’t accumulate earnings in just a few months. You’ll need to get your bearings and understand the nuts and bolts of the business before you can expect a relatively stable income.

Getting started as a professional sports bettor in a self-employment business

Making a living from gambling is not easy, but some people still manage to do it. If you want to try your luck, you will have to be rigorous and implement good practices.

  • 1 – Choose your forecasting method

If you have a really deep knowledge of one or more sports, perhaps you have the ability to make your own predictions.

But if it turns out to be more complicated than you thought, you can look for “tipsters”, i.e. people who sell their predictions.

Finding good tipsters takes time and thought! The Internet is full of all kinds of offers that you should be wary of. You will need to be vigilant before you find the right tipsters and be sure you can trust them to follow them without fear.

  • 2 – Make sure you have enough money to bet

To win, you have to bet, and the more you bet, the bigger you can win. It is therefore important to be aware that in order to make a living from betting, you must obviously have enough money to invest while continuing to pay your daily expenses.

Also remember to manage your capital well by playing only a small fraction of your bankroll: that way, if you lose your bet, you can always continue to bet.

  • 3 – Be rigorous!

Register with several “bookmakers”: this will allow you to compare the different bets and odds offered. Some even offer a welcome capital when you register.

Regularly review your activity to see if it is profitable and evaluate your return on investment.

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