Reading the Dealer’s game: a way to win the game?

To hope to win a game of blackjack, the player must first know and master the rules of the game. The player must then implement a number of strategies to gain the upper hand over his opponent. He can also let his intuition guide him to achieve this. One of the strategies most applied by the adepts of this game, is the reading of the croupier game. How does it work and how do you do it?

Reading the dealer game – what is it?

A dealer is a person who is in charge of running one or more games of money within a casino. He or she may also be asked to run a private gaming ring. He can be found in blackjack as well as in several other games. A good observation of his game during the course of the game can give certain information to the person against whom he is playing. It can therefore allow his opponent to anticipate the latter’s game.

Furthermore, it guides the opponent as to the choice to be made in order to win the game. These are strategies that in many cases work perfectly. Reading the croupier’s game here is like picking up a number of clues, also called “tells” (subconscious gestures) during the game to build your game strategy and win. Other elements can help the player win the game.

Hidden card

One of the best times to pick up clues is when the hidden card is discovered. When the dealer’s card is uncovered, the player can, based on certain analyses, use game techniques to win the blackjack game. As for strategies, there are several of them. They are applied according to the dealer’s game and the cards held by the dealer. These strategies can be learned and mastered in order to emphasize them every time you play blackjack.

Some strategies to apply depending on the dealer’s game

Depending on the dealer’s game, the player can apply a strategy to win the game. Here are a few of them.

When the dealer’s visible card is a 4, 5 or 6

In this case, it is not appropriate to draw another card unless you have a soft hand. That is, a hand that allows you to draw an extra card without jumping. Indeed, cards 4, 5 and 6 almost force the dealer to jump, which is not advantageous for him. On many occasions, you will be tempted to split or double your hand in the hope of making a bigger payout, if you feel the dealer is going to jump.

When the value of your hand is 17

In this kind of situation, it is recommended not to take risks when drawing a new card. Doing so will increase the probability of jumping. Since you don’t know if the dealer holds a trick or an ace, drawing an extra card would not be of any advantage. It would be better to end the game on a tie than risk losing it all.

If the dealer’s exposed card is an Ace

If you find yourself in this situation, you may decide to take out insurance since this is an option available to you. You also have the option of placing an additional bet. Opt for a bet that is half the value of your very first bet. In the event that the dealer gets blackjack, the odds will be 2 to 1. In this type of case, taking out insurance is of no benefit to the player.

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