Revolution of slot machines: increasing chances of winning

One likes to play casino games as roulette, while the other sits behind the slot machine in an old-fashioned way. And we have to say, we understand both preferences. Of course, while sitting down at a table game brings a lot of excitement, a similar feeling also applies to playing slots.

A slot machine may be said to be old-fashioned, but for the true enthusiast, slots never go out of fashion. Slot machines as we know them today are electronic and appeared in 1963. It didn’t take long for these slot machines to spread to the general public. Also, most players know that the traditional slot machine has been superseded by the online slots that we find in online casinos. And although the playing field has changed, the principle turns out to be the same. More about the slot machine revolution.

1912: The birth of slot machines

It was 1912 when the first slot machine was launched. Slot machines had been around for a while, but it was the first time that there were fruit symbols on the reels. What do those symbols make up? Quite a lot. Because the first thing an enthusiast imagines when thinking of a slot machine are the fruit symbols on the reels. That can hardly be otherwise. The first symbols on the reels are oranges, just like cherries, melons and apples. Then there is the ‘BAR’, which will undoubtedly appeal to the imagination as well. And when we think of the machine, our thoughts immediately turn to the neighborhood cafe. There were (and are to a lesser extent) the popular slot machines.

Video slots: almost the same, but online

Why have we been talking about slot machines more or less in the past tense? Because modern video slots have now taken over the helm. The free video slots are an online version of the physical slot machines. As our lives increasingly take place online, digital variants of casino games will not be long in coming. And that is of course a favorable development, because while we are bound to fixed opening hours at the snack bar on the corner, we are not online. This is also very attractive for operators, because filling a physical space is done in no time at all, but with online casino games you can continue to build endlessly, as long as you pay for the web space.

The future of slots

And the online world wouldn’t be itself if new casino games were constantly being invented. As a result, the range of video slots is expanding at a rapid pace, and the player is now at his beck and call. Does that also mean that physical slot machines are a thing of the past? Not quite. There are already so-called high-tech slot machines that have incorporated 3D and VR in their games. And we have to say, online it’s all very user-friendly and practical, but approaching the gaming experience of a land based casino visit still remains difficult. Also in 2019.

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