What is The royal roulette wheel?

This is the variant that we were talking about in our article describing all the roulette versions available to you. As you know, casinos are constantly racking their brains to find more interesting and entertaining ways to play.

We’ve known about the progressive jackpot mode for slots for quite some time now in land-based casinos and then in online establishments as well, but to see it coming on a roulette game is totally innovative, or at least not very common. Today you will discover with us the a.k.a. royal roulette with progressive jackpot.

The most interesting variant

This is indeed the variant that we consider the most interesting for only one good reason: it can bring a maximum of money to the lucky players.

The way it works is simple: you have a roulette game developed by a publisher, let’s take Rival for example. Rival is the publisher of several casinos, so you will find this roulette in several establishments on the net. Each of these establishments will agree to run this roulette on the same network. The casinos, for this game in any case, will all be “connected”. This will allow the construction of a common pot called jackpot in the middle. Players’ bets will be partially deducted and this percentage will directly feed this jackpot.

This jackpot will be won by the players, in addition to their winnings during the game. It can reach crazy amounts, especially when you know what the player has to do to win it.

To win, you have to be very lucky

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Indeed, during your game of royal roulette, you are going to make gains, it is indisputable and those will be yours. Then, the objective of each player is of course to win this jackpot which easily reaches thousands of euros, sometimes even millions. But as you can imagine, it is not going to be so easy to win: to win the big jackpot, you have to bet on a number on the table, a unique number that the ball will have to designate 5 times in a row. You then realize the difficulty of the stain.

Apart from that, the rules of European roulette are maintained. You will not be lost while playing the royal roulette. But can be much more rewarded for your perseverance.

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