Will MGM Build A Casino In Osaka, Japan?

The local Osaka government has set an April 6 deadline for casino bids. At the moment, only MGM Resorts has lodged a plan. It may be years before Candanians can travel to Japan to gamble. In the meantime you can gamble online now at Cookie Casino.

Osaka is the favorite to be the location of one of Japan’s three newly legalized casinos. The Osaka government wants to speed up the process after scrapping the original July proposal deadline as it makes a strong case to national authorities that the major city is the ideal location for a casino. 

The way the Japanese system works is that cities and regions from all over the country are accepting plans from casino operators. They are then choosing a company and submitting the plan to the national authorities, who will then decide who gets one of the three highly valued available casino licenses.

MGM Thinks It Has Found A Winner In Osaka

MGM Resorts has had its heart set on opening an integrated resort in Osaka since late 2018, when it first started drafting plans and lobbying the Japanese government.

MGM views Japan as a strong gambling market due to the country’s love of betting, large economy, and huge population. Industry insiders believe that Japan is set to become the 3rd largest gambling market in the world. Understandably, MGM wants a hefty slice of that action.

MGM first started making its presence known in Japan in 2019 when they sponsored baseball events in Tokyo.

Even though 2020 has been a tough year for MGM, and the border closures limited the amount of relationship-building the company could do with the Osaka government, MGM still thinks they have found a winner.

Due to the financial pressure of the pandemic, MGM has decided to limit its exposure to the Japanese market by partnering with Japanese financial company ORIX.

MGM has spent immense amounts of time and money ensuring that they are in the driver’s seat to win the contract. They believe the Osaka government fully backs their proposal, and they are looking forward to entering the Japanese market.

Osaka Government Believes In MGM’s Ability To Deliver A World-Class Casino

As the Osaka government has moved the deadline forward by three months forward and MGM is the sole bidder, it suggests they are more than pleased to pitch MGM’s plan to the national government in Tokyo. 

As Japan’s 3rd large city, Osaka, officials strongly believe that armed with MGM’s world-class casino proposal, they will be able to win one of the three gambling licenses on offer.

Osaka officials have instructed that casino plans must include 220,000 square feet reserved for conventions. This has to be expanded to over one million square feet within 10 to 15 years. The property must also feature over 2500 hotel rooms. There is also a limit on the gambling area, and it can not make up more than 3% of the property’s area.

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